Marketing strategy

Basics of a good marketing strategy are researching the demand of one’s product, potential buyers behaviours and their online presence. Product demand research When you’re starting out with your own business or you’re working in sales, first thing you need to do is check out is the product you’re selling profitable? That is the startContinue reading “Marketing strategy”

startin a business

Starting a business

When starting a business there are basic steps we need to define 5 things Defining your product and your niche when starting a business 1. Defining what are you offering. Is it a physical product (handmade products, jewelry, clothes, paintings) or is it a service (you’re a coach and you’re helping people learn a particularContinue reading “Starting a business”

About Me

I’m Željka, M.S. of Electrical Engineering by occupation, but a traveler by vocation.

I’m an Economics University postgraduate and have been trained in marketing and online business by Shaa Wasmund, Brian Walsh and Paul O’Mahony.

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