Marketing strategy

Basics of a good marketing strategy are researching the demand of one’s product, potential buyers behaviours and their online presence.

Product demand research

When you’re starting out with your own business or you’re working in sales, first thing you need to do is check out is the product you’re selling profitable? That is the start of a good marketing strategy. marketing strategy

You’d say it’s easy to know whether the product is profitable or no, e.g. you can see others selling it easily. True! But, consider the fact who is making money out of selling this specific product?

If the seller is already established as an authority, then you should check are there not that known (established) companies making money out of selling the same product?

If, no, the chances are, you’ll be struggling with selling your product and it will the you a lot of time and money to make an income.

Let’s say you have an amazing ideal, but, you can’t find anybody or rarely someone selling that same thing, you should be realistic an pic a new product.

Potential buyers behaviours research for good marketing strategy

To make your marketing strategy good, you should, next, make a thorough research of your potential customers behaviours.

There are 4 main categories:

Where you your potential customers live, what is their gender, what are their interests and how old are they.

One has to make an assumption that the product isn’t meant for everybody, it’s not useful to everybody, so do your research on where do those people live. Do they live in a city or in a rural place? In what city do they live, in what neighbourhood do they live?

What is their gender? Well, think about it, it’s more likely moms will be buying skirts for girls than boys…

What interests those people? Think of the similar interests regarding to the product you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling a meditation program, your potential buyers might be interested in yoga.

And the last thing for good marketing strategy regarding potential buyers interests in age group.

Well…people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…don’t share the same interests.

Youngsters care about finding the love of their life, partying and studying.

People in their 30s are focused on their careers and kids.

People in their 40s care about leaving the “love of their life” ;), changing their jobs, rethinking their life decisions.

Old(er) people are now more concentrated on their well being.

This is why you need to focus on the age range.

Online presence

This means doing the research of what do your customers read, what type of content, when and where?

Are they reading content on news portals or social media platforms?

Which social media platforms?

Do they post? How many times per day and at what time of the day are they spending the most time online? What type of the device are they using? Desktop, mobile or both? Are they Iphone or Android users’ How often do they buy a new phone? Depending on the last one, you’ll be able to determine which are their finances…

Starting a business

When starting a business there are basic steps we need to define 5 things

Defining your product and your niche when starting a business

1. Defining what are you offering.

Is it a physical product (handmade products, jewelry, clothes, paintings) or is it a service (you’re a coach and you’re helping people learn a particular skill, like making online courses or learn how to play guitar)?

If you’re offering a service, you won’t be paying any shipment and you can easily concentrate on broader market. But if you’re offering a physical product, think about are you going to be concentrated on domestic market or a broader.

2. Defining what is your niche

There are 4 main categories

1. Health

2. Money/Wealth

3. Psychology and relationships

4. Passions

In case you were wondering where do your handmade products fit in or being a piano teacher, it’s passions.

Helalth: mental and physical, you’re a sports coach, mindfulness coach, meditation coach, yoga teacher…

Money: you’re a marketing teacher, digital marketing teacher, are making all kinds on online courses

Psychology: well, this is easy 😉

Passions: hobbies and all that one likes doing the most and is most passionate about, like painting, drawing, playing guitar, walking in nature, so in a sense of business it would be selling your paintings, drawings, guitar courses, selling guided tours in nature/hiking…

Defining your niche is very important because of the future marketing you’ll be doing.

Online tools that are helping you in starting a business

3. Checking market interests

It’s cool being inspired, but it’s SMARTER and EASIER to be offering products that sell. This being said, check what products are on demand, which courses are already selling, which books are selling.

If there are already courses or products selling, like the ones you want to offer, great!

And no, it’s not a bad thing there are already products like the ones you’ll be offering.. Just go for it!

Use Google Trends for you research.

Let’s say you’re selling digital prints. Type in something like home decor (your using digital prints for decorating a home, right? 😉 ) or printable posters, enter a desired country to search these terms and see who is your competition (e.g. Ikea, Zara Home).

Next, do a little research on how are they marketing their products in order to get an idea ho you’ll be doing it. But, don’t copy them!

If results in your Google Trends tend to me less than 10 times per month, it means the demand is really low.

In this case it’s 50 times per month which is good, but the more the merrier.

Click on the photo to see how it’s done

4. Opening your web page and any social platform

Why is this this the most important step? Because, first you need to be testing the waters and making a web page is quite cheaper than registering you firm. Firstly connect to your potential customers and the open and register your business

5. Registering your firm

You can do it online.

That’s it 😉

Free digital marketing courses


Those times are the ones to take advantage of free digital marketing courses, with so many free digital marketing courses that are available online. Below I’ll be listing free digital online marketing courses.

There are only two sorts of marketing:

Good one and a bad one. Yup, just those two.

To have a good one, firstly think about what kind of audience and potential buyers you wish to attract. Then thing about how or what can you do to serve them/help them solve their problem.

Do not, under any circumstance, try to manipulate your customers. Be consistent and patient with what is you are doing/offering.

If you try to manipulate your customers into selling them something they don’t want, you’ll just send the wrong message, attract the wrong kind of customers and, in the end offer your products to wrong people. And we both know you have really good products to offer! So we need to find appropriate customers.

Let’s say you have a travelling agency and you really, really like hiking and being outdoors. You’re best at making sports arrangements and hiking routes with all the great info.

But, you are aware that, maybe, 90% of people just like going sightseeing and going to museums.

So you advertise something like „Great Roman history tour“ and attract the people who are interested in what you are not.

How will this turn out?

You’ll ending up disliking what you’re doing, ’cause it’s not „you“ and your customers won’t get good service. People can feel when someone is passionate about their job.

So, now when I’ve shown you this one small example, let’s list those courses:

eMarketingInstitute – Are offering 10 free digital marketing courses, from affiliate marketing course to e-mail marketing courses.

Instagram Makeover by Kat Coroy – My favourite one, Kat is amazing and she’ll teach you about soul to soul marketing. I’ve finished her paid course and it was amazing and a lot of fun, which was the best part.

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – You have to go through this one, ’cause if you’re starting ANY website, Google Keywords, Google Trends and Google Analytics are a must. Don’t underestimate the power of Google 🙂

How to make money selling online in order or leverage income?


How to make money selling online? Yeah, bet you’ve seen this sentence a million time before and it turned out to be some scam or BS info.

Trust me, I’ve bought a bunch of courses. Some were good, some were basic, some just didn’t resonate with me and some I just didn’t understand!

I especially loved those: “How I quit my job” or “Click here to find out how YOU TOO can have your dream job” or “Find out your purpose and monetize it”

Oooooh, man, but those things made me only feel EVEN WORSE!

I’ve known my passion, I’ve been contemplating on my purpose for months, then got soo enthusiastic on finally making money from my dream job. Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. Like, NOTHING happened! And it made me feel even worse, like a failure. Thinking “How in h…ll are all of those people doing it, making money and doing what they love? There must be something wrong with me… 🙁 “

So, here it goes, it’s always up to you, but basically, it’s just GOOD MARKETING.

Working on your uniqueness

But! The thing is, who was your marketing tutor? Was your tutor an established one?

Trust me, I’ve bought tons of marketing courses and they are recycling the same content. Whilst, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s actually a very smart thing to do, but this won’t work for you?

Why? Because your coaches have already been established, they don’t need extra marketing. Look at it this way: If you’d be buying a course, would you buy it from someone who was featured by popular newspapers/platform7/any media? Or would you buy it from someone unknown?

Yeah, my point exactly! Even though, they might have the same skills and equal knowledge, you’d buy it from someone established.

The only way you can do this, is to stand out with your uniqueness. Think of this as What are your values, what defines your character, what makes you happy or sad?

Once you think of what do you stand for you should make a name of your product according to this and then apply all of the things, your coach has taught you on selling-

That’s about it, think about your uniqueness and start applying it to your marketing.

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