How to make money selling online in order or leverage income?



How to make money selling online? Yeah, bet you’ve seen this sentence a million time before and it turned out to be some scam or BS info.

Trust me, I’ve bought a bunch of courses. Some were good, some were basic, some just didn’t resonate with me and some I just didn’t understand!

I especially loved those: “How I quit my job” or “Click here to find out how YOU TOO can have your dream job” or “Find out your purpose and monetize it”

Oooooh, man, but those things made me only feel EVEN WORSE!

I’ve known my passion, I’ve been contemplating on my purpose for months, then got soo enthusiastic on finally making money from my dream job. Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. Like, NOTHING happened! And it made me feel even worse, like a failure. Thinking “How in h…ll are all of those people doing it, making money and doing what they love? There must be something wrong with me… 🙁 “

So, here it goes, it’s always up to you, but basically, it’s just GOOD MARKETING.

Working on your uniqueness

But! The thing is, who was your marketing tutor? Was your tutor an established one?

Trust me, I’ve bought tons of marketing courses and they are recycling the same content. Whilst, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s actually a very smart thing to do, but this won’t work for you?

Why? Because your coaches have already been established, they don’t need extra marketing. Look at it this way: If you’d be buying a course, would you buy it from someone who was featured by popular newspapers/platform7/any media? Or would you buy it from someone unknown?

Yeah, my point exactly! Even though, they might have the same skills and equal knowledge, you’d buy it from someone established.

The only way you can do this, is to stand out with your uniqueness. Think of this as What are your values, what defines your character, what makes you happy or sad?

Once you think of what do you stand for you should make a name of your product according to this and then apply all of the things, your coach has taught you on selling-

That’s about it, think about your uniqueness and start applying it to your marketing.

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